Temple Information

After operating for 52 years, the Provo Temple is now closed and decommissioned. While we await the construction & dedication of the Lindon Temple, we have so many temples to attend in Utah County!

Click for hours and info on each:

Orem, Utah Temple
Mount Timpanogos Temple
Provo City Center Temple
Payson Temple
Saratoga Springs Temple

Neighborhood Party

Thursday, February 29 @ 6:00 PM @ the church

Games and Goodies! Bring your favorite games, goodies or both!

Upcoming Calendar Events

February 22: RS & EQ Activity @ 7 PM
February 25: Stake General Priesthood Meeting @ 3:00 PM
February 25: Stake Trek Kickoff Meeting @ 7:00 PM
February 28: Youth Sledding Activity
February 29: Game night (see announcement above)
February 29 – March 2: RootsTech(link for info)
March 5: Neighborhood Caucus Meetings
March 7: RS Birthday Party
March 16: Feed Utah Food Drive
March 17: Worldwide Relief Society Devotional @ 6:00 PM w/ Elder Soares
March 24: Stake Easter Program: Presentation of The Messiah by Stake Choir

Directions #1 or Directions #2

Ward Choir Practice 🎵

Practice for Ward Choir will be after the 2nd hour in the Relief Society Room every Sunday except third Sunday since we sing in Sacrament Meeting on the Third Sunday. We would love to have you participate!

Northridge Stake Trek Kickoff Fireside

Sunday, March 10 at 7 PM

Breakout sessions, refreshments
all youth and parents are invited

Mission Prep Class

Northridge Stake Missionary Preparation Class 2024

Who is Invited: Ages 16-25

Class Schedule: Jan 7 – April 14 (see detailed schedule in this link)

Class Time: 3:00pm – 4:00pm. Please be on time.

Class Location: Northridge Stake Relief Society Room

What to Bring: Scriptures, Notebook, Pen, Preach My Gospel

Class Purpose: To help you become a missionary & help gather Israel.

Come, Follow Me Schedule

Feb 19 – 25; 2 Nephi 6 – 10

Feb 26 – Mar 3; 2 Nephi 11-19

Mar 4 – 10: 2 Nephi 20 – 25

Mar 11 – 17: 2 Nephi 26 – 30


Elder Jacob Steggell: Brazil Sao Paulo West Mission; jacob.steggell@missionary.org

Elder Luke Steggell: South Africa Johannesberg; adam.steggell@missionary.org

Elder Max Murdock: North Dakota Bismarck Mission; maxwell.murdock@missionary.org

Elder Cody LaPray: Texas McAllen Mission; cody.lapray@missionary.org

Missionaries Assigned to Northridge 12th Ward (801) 300-6461 (they would love to come and give a lesson in your home! Give them a call to make an appointment)

For Appointments with Contact:
Bishop Bench Brad Haymond: (801) 380-2170
Brother Hull or
Brother Coker
Jeff Barney: (801) 361-4531
Steeplechase Building
James McCorristin: (801) 360-7851
Alyssa McCorristin: (801) 623-7582
Ward Bulletin Items Teri Bench:  (801) 310-6159
Stake Interviews Robert Schloss: (801) 900-7570
Jean Schloss: (801) 494-7399

Relief Society & Elders Quorum Lessons

Upcoming Lessons

February 25